Perfect No Show Socks For Sandals, Slingbacks, and Heels

Don't get me wrong, I love a good sock! But socks simply aren't practical for everyday use. If a sock is too bulky, slides off inside my shoe, or just ruins my outfit altogether, it's so much easier to just forgo the sock all together, right?

No, no and definitely not!

Socks are just as much a necessity as underwear or brushing your teeth (I suppose yes, with very specific exceptions.) It doesn't matter whether you're wearing sandals, slingback shoes, or heels. If they're going on your feet, you need socks with them.

But, why?

Here's some science for you. Socks provide a "safety net" of sorts that helps prevent the growth of germs and bacteria which can harm your feet and destroy your shoes! This also leads to the oh-so unpleasant foot odor that we have all had the joy of smelling at least once in our lives.

But what about the shoes that there are no socks for like sandals, slingback shoes and heels? WAIT. Get this. At Sheec, there is a perfect sock solution out there for every shoe type, even those you never thought you could wear socks with, and I've broken them down for you here.


Probably the most common shoe to not wear socks with. For you fashionista's I have my absolute favorite solution.

The SockShion. Ladies before I even explain, you're welcome. I honestly don't understand why this product hasn't been around forever, but everyone and their mother needs to know about this. The Sockshion (pictured above) is a cushion that is worn on the ball of the foot to make wearing shoes, especially sandals and heels, WAY more comfortable. It is thin enough that it doesn't make your shoes tighter, but is an absolute lifesaver if you know you're going to be out and about in your summer sandals all day long! And what do you know. It's antibacterial AND washable; so you get that protection I was talking about.


Another shoe type that you didn't know there was a sock for. The slingback shoe leaves your heel exposed. What sock could possibly be worn with these?

The Slingback. These socks are completely seamless and create the illusion of backless sock because of the clear elastic heel band.


Probably one of the hardest shoes to find socks for, especially since you don't want to leave it up to chance for your socks to peek through your heels and ruin your elegant look! Of course, you can do no-show socks, but who wants to spend their whole day pulling a sock back up onto their heel.

The Solehugger Secret 2.0 Ultra-Low Cut is the lowest cut sock on the market that stays on any foot!

So here you have it. These are the absolute best shoe/sock solutions I know of.  Now you can get the no-sock look without the discomfort and smell. Your feet, but most importantly shoes, will thank you for it!



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