4 Ways to Avoid Blisters This Summer

Blisters are like the flu. They are painful, uncomfortable and can ruin a perfectly good day in a matter of a few minutes. However, unlike the flu, blisters can visit you during any season, at any time. Whether you are strutting in your new boots with your favorite fall drink or running through the park in your sneakers on a warm summer day, you can get blisters from any shoes during any time of the year! Pretty scary, huh?

Thankfully, at Sheec, we have gathered some expert advice from medical professionals at the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) and have added our own suggestions to bring you some of our favorite tips for keeping your feet feeling refreshed and blister-free no matter what shoes you feel like rocking!


Okay, we admit it, we sound very biased. But this is also the #1 advice from the AAD for blister prevention! An important step in preventing blisters is wearing socks that will “wick away moisture”, like our ActiveX, since sweaty feet can be more blister-prone. These socks will also keep your shoes from wearing down faster because of sweat and friction, so you can enjoy your favorite pairs for longer!


This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised to learn how often we don’t wear our right shoe size. The AAD advises us to make sure our shoes fit us properly since shoes that are too tight or loose can cause blisters because of excess friction with the feet.

Finding the right shoe size is essential, but not without the right socks. In fact, socks can even help you keep some of your misfit shoes. If you own a pair of shoes that are too loose and can potentially give you blisters, try adding any of our socks from our variety of no-show sock collection.

On the flip side, if your shoe is a bit tight, but still fits, try adding a thinner sock such as our Secret 2.0 no-show socks which are available in different cuts ensuring that your feet are covered wherever needed.


People say fashion is pain, but it doesn’t have to be! That’s also what the professionals at the AAD say. According to them, you can stop sores before they form by applying bandages to your problem areas. While we agree that bandages could help act as a barrier between your feet and your shoes and reduce friction, we recommend that you also use socks. This is because bandages lose their stickiness throughout the day and can easily fall off your feet. That is where socks can come to your rescue and make sure your feet don’t catch any painful blisters.


It’s true what your mom says: petroleum jelly does work for just about anything! According to the AAD, it can reduce friction when your skin rubs together or when the blister-prone area touches clothing. However, it can’t help when your feet are at its most vulnerable: inside your shoes. This is why a combination of the right shoes and the right socks can ensure that your feet stay happy and blister-free. Fortunately, Sheec has a wide range of no-show socks that would work perfectly in preventing blisters on your feet.


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