How to Stop High Heels From Hurting

We've all had our Monica's Boots moment. We all have that gorgeous pair of heels that make you feel confident, powerful and adventurous, but how can we walk in heels without them hurting? Is there any way to stop high heels from being painful? 

The SockShion is how to stop high heels from hurting your feet. It provides cushioning on the ball of your foot right where they hurt most, without affecting the fit of your shoes! Now you can walk up to 4x longer without pain or discomfort.

Minimal elastic straps wrap around your pink toe and the big toe to keep the Sockshion in place and remain completely hidden in most heels. 

You can use code MONICA for 15% off of your first pair! 

Thankfully, this time you won’t need a Chandler to carry you home!