According to the Oxford dictionary, 'men' is defined as the singular most difficult group of people to buy gifts for. 

If you're wondering what to buy your guy best friend, take a look at this list of practical and affordable gift ideas for men in 2020.


  1. No Show Socks for Dress Shoes 

Who doesn’t love socks? For the fashion-forward guys in your life, Sheec’s Secret 2.0 no show socks are a wardrobe essential. These socks are designed to never slip off and are available in a wide range of cuts and sizes! Their smooth nylon sides make them perfect for any leather-lined dress shoe.

2. No Show Socks for Sneakers

If your guy friend is obsessed with sneakers, the Active-X will be perfect! These socks are made with antibacterial and moisture-wicking modal fabric which helps to prevent foot odor and minimize sweating. They are available in many sizes for men’s shoe size 6-12.5. This is the perfect gift for the guy who wants something they can always use.

3. FABRICK  Slippers

For the guy who just wants to be comfortable, a pair of slippers is the perfect way to show you care! These 100% cotton slippers are affordable, stylish, and perfect for any gifting occasion!

4. WAVES Candle from KEAP.

For guys who can’t get enough of the summer, these candles evoke memories of warm and happy summer beach days. They are perfect for transforming any house or apartment into a day full of surf!

5. Matches from Jen Pearson Design Apothecary

These matches are a beautiful addition to any space at home! Add them on to the side of your KEAP candle, or even gift them by themselves! Your guy friend, and his apartment aesthetic, will love them!