The Enigma of Wearing Socks in the Summer: SOLVED (with no show socks)

With the summer fast approaching, it's the time of the year to start re-accommodating your wardrobe: putting the lighter shirts on top of the shirt pile, switch up jeans for shorts and bring out the sandals and lighter shoes you will be sporting this season. But making a decision on socks can be a hard thing. In a season with a high temperature that can get in the 90 degrees, we try to find ways in which to reduce the layers we are putting on. And although socks might seem an easy way to reduce the amount of fabric we are wearing, they really shouldn't be the first thing you give up on. Your feet need to be protected every day of the year, no matter the temperature, and hey, let's face it: you can't wear flip-flops everywhere! Socks will absorb the sweat and keep your feet dry, protecting them from bacteria that could be growing in your sweaty shoes, and also reducing your chances of getting smelly feet.

So, OK, we know that the socks and sandals look is not for everyone (although we fully support it!), but the no-sock look is undeniably cool, and our no-show socks will be your best friends for the season. At SHEEC, we keep your comfort as our number one goal, so we thought about some different types of no-show socks that will be perfect for any look you choose to rock this season.


  • If you are going for the athleisure look with some cool sneakers, check out our Active no-show socks
  • If your style is more classy and you prefer wearing a nice pair of pumps or ballerinas, you should protect your feet with our Secret super low cut no-show socks
  • If you are a little more edgy and choose to wear a slingback platform or stilettos, you should try our SlingBack, to cover and protect your toes and being kept in place by a clear elastic band
  • Hey, we even have an option for open toe or d'orsay shoes! Take a comfortable and breezy walk in our SockShion


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